10 weight loss tips you really need to know

Struggling with weight loss must have you searching for the best weight loss tips so that your journey becomes easier. In this article you will discover interesting weight loss tips and tricks on how to lose those few pounds without stressing.

We understand your problems and difficulties regarding weight loss and this is why we created  list with your possible questions.

  • What are the most natural weight loss tips?
  • How can I lose weight at home?
  • How can I lose weight in one or two weeks?
  • Are there any weight loss friendly foods?
  • How many calories should I consume to lose weight?

What are the natural weight loss tips?

Trying to lose weight is not always easy. You will find yourself being mad and furious because you are following a diet and you are not having any results. Diets do not always work, but our 10 weight loss tips will definetely do work. They will actually change the way you think about  diets and weight loss.


1.       Exercise

We know that this is an obvious tips for weight loss, but many people actually avoid it, as they believe that diets alone can make a difference to their body. It is one of the most common mistakes people do. Even if you are not into gyms and working out, try to find another type of exercise.

Go for a bicycle ride or walk for 30 minutes a day, go swimming or participate in a team of your favorite sport. Do yoga in a gym or outside, even at home. Walk your dog twice a day instead of once. You get the idea, you can find hundreads of ways to move and get off the couch.

If your schedule is too tight, try to move at work. You can go and deliver these papers yourself at the 3rd or 4th floor instead of mailing them, and you can walk while you answer phone calls. It is that simple.

2.       Don’t skip meals

If you think that by skipping breakfast or any other meal of the day, you are contributing to weight loss, you are wrong. Skipping meals simply makes you more hungry and it is possible that you will consume bigger portions of food at the next meal.

Be sure to eat small meals every three to four hours so that you satisfy your hunger and you don’t indulge to temptations like fast food or empty calorie foods.

3.       Count your calories

If you keep track of your calories, it is likely that you reduce your daily calorie intake. How is that? Make a list of the foods you are most likely going to eat during a week. Calculate their portions and calories and write them down. If their total (for a day) exceeds let’s say 1.800 calories, then you need to make some alterations.

For example: a capuccino or a caramel latte has more calories than filter coffee, or a slice of bread with nutella has more calories than cereal with some milk. Make these small changes and you won’t be hungry and simultaneously you will  see your body transforming.

4.       Reduce the size of your plates

It is proven that reducing the size of your plate can help you eat less. You are welcome to try this tip at home, starting with the dishes you use for your snacks. If you manage to reduce the portion of snacks, you can move on to the other meals working your way up to lunch and dinner.

Also the color of your plated does play an important role in the amount of food you eat. Choosing a dark-coloured plate helps you eat smaller portions than white, yellow or beige plates.

5.       Sleep  and stop stressing

One of the most important tips of this list is to get as much qualitative sleep as possible. You should sleep for six to eight hours every night, so that you replenish your energy levels and that you are healthy. Sleeping less than that makes you hungry in the morning (or night, as you are awake for more hours) and also increases your appetite.

Stress is a main component of weight gain and can also cause many other problems to your health and body. It is making you feel and look bloated while creates the urge to eat more due to nervousness and over thinking. If you lower your stress levels, you will immediately notice differences in your physical and mental health.

6.       Consume antioxidants

Foods high in antioxidants should be at the top of your food and snack lists as far as weight loss is concerned. Antioxidants in general are a wide category of more specific elements, which can be found in many fruits and vegetables.

Berries, carrots, grapes, spinach, onions, leeks, mangoes, nuts, etc. can offer you these precious antioxidants, which are crucial for your nourishment as they provide you with vitamins and assist your body with losing weight.

The only thing you have to do, is to swap them with your regular snacks and there you have it: your natural antioxidant source.

7.       Drink water

The commonest tip doctors and nutritionists give you, is to drink half your weight (in ounces) in water. Water is your ally during your weight loss journey, and even if you are not used to drinking one liter per day, you should make it a habit.

If you find trouble or forget to drink the recommended amount of water, fill up a bottle and keep it in your desk in front of you. You will have to drink the water before leaving work or before finishing your studying.

Another nice tip is to “flavor” your water. Just add a few lemon slices, mint leaves or cucumber, to make your water not only tastier, but healthier too.

8.       Stay away from processed foods

Anything that is already cooked, pre-cooked and then frozen or is in a can, has probably not the same nutritional value as before these procedures. You cannot know what has these foods undergone, so it is better to stay away from them.

They could also have added sugars and many preservatives which are at the least, unhealthy.

9.       Drink green tea

Your best friend in your weight loss adventure is green tea. It contains antioxidants and many other nutrients which not only contribute to weight loss, but also make you healthier and smarter.

Acup of hot green tea in the morning with a slice of lemon in it will take the beginning of your day to the next level. We promise.

10.   Don’t snack before bed

The last but not least weight loss tip in terms if importance is that of snacking at night. We know that having dinner early may cause you to search for snacks before bed, but this is so bad for your figure. At night and while you sleep, your metabolic rate falls so any remaining food will be turned to fat.

Try to have dinner and snacks at least two hours before going to bed, and keep those midnight snacks away from your bed.

How many calories should be consumed for weight loss?

This is a very ordinary question as far as weight loss is concerned. It also depends on your body type, your metabolism, your health history, and  if you have  previously exercised or not. It also depends on your gender, as men usually need more calories than women due to their proportions.

The average calorie intake per day is 2000 cals for women and almost 2500 cals for men. These numbers may vary, but are valid if you wish to maintain your current weight.

Now, if someone wishes to lose some pounds and later on maintain them, they will need to reduce their calorie intake by 200 to 500 calories. They need to make sure that even when reducing the calories, they get all the nutrients that are essential for a balanced diet.

Women can star their diet by having meals of 1500 calories per day while men can begin with 2000 and maybe decrease them gradually.

Cutting off foods high in calories, making the meal portions smaller and more than three per day can help with the transition from 2000 to 1800 and less.

What are the weight loss friendly foods?

Fat-burning foods are very important and helpful in order to lose weight naturally. We have divided them in categories so that you can browse more easily through them and make your own lists.

Vegetables and Fruits

This category is widely known for its health benefits, but some parts of it can help burn down fat that is stored in your body. To be more specific,  green vegetables like broccoli, spinach and kale can boost your energy levels and can be quite filling, so that you won’t be hungry anytime soon.

Fruits containing antioxidants, such as these of the berry-family (strawberry, cranberry, blueberry etc.), mangoes, cantaloupe and many others, are a great addition to your diet, as they detoxify your organism.

Another famous vegetable that is full of healthy fats and is filling your stomach is avocado, which can be added to salads, main dishes, or even eaten plain with some lime and salt.


These are your go-to choices for main dishes while trying to lose weight. You can browse through a variety of meat and fish choices such as chicken, turkey, sole, salmon, etc., and create the most amazing dishes.

There are tons of recipes to help you incorporate protein to your everyday life, and it is important that you can find protein not only in meat, but in other categories of food as well.

Eggs contain approximately 5 grams of protein, and also assist people who work out to form and build their bodies.

Protein can be found also  in chickpeas, beans, yoghurt seeds and nuts.

Seeds, nuts and fibers

In this category, you will find alternatives for healthy snacks and breakfasts which help you keep healthy and fit.

Almonds, walnuts, seeds of sunflower etc., can replace your regular snacks and improve your metabolism.

Other parts of this category are oats and granola which can create the best breakfasts. Make a jar of overnight oatmeal with fruits and milk of your choice add nuts and you have a nutritional breakfast ready to be consumed.

Regular oatmeal with milk or water, cinamon and honey is also a good option.

Quinoa, the trend who has been going around for the last two years is a pseudo seed and offers many benefits to your body. Use it as a side to your protein in your lunch or dinner, or add it to salads so that your body absorbs its nutrients: protein, iron and amino acids.

Quinoa is the beloved food for the top escort girls from Athens, Greece, of the agency Golden Diamond Escorts.

Other foods

Low fat dairy products like yoghurt, milk and cheese can help you lose weight, as they provide you with calcium, protein and iron. Just skip them only if you are lactose intolerant.

If you don’t like how they taste, you can change to nut-based milks and butters which are popular lately and at the same time easy to make them yourself.

Citrus fruits are a very helpful inclusion to your everyday meals and drinks as they are known for their cleansing and antioxidant capability.

Lastly, spices like cayenne pepper, cumin, turmeric, nutmeg, etc., can contribute to weight loss when added to your meals. They activate your metabolism and help your body get rid of impurities.

If you find their taste too strong, you can add them to energy shots or smoothies instead of your regular meals.

How to lose weight at home?

This is by far the easiest thing to do, as long as you are willing to spend some time and energy in it.


Working out at home is the easiest thing, as you can do it while finishing up your chores. Cleaning your house, gardening or tidying up, can be turned to squats, push-ups even lifting weights. Be creative and use your imagination.

After all, you don’t need any fancy equipment, just use water bottles or your mopping basket for weights, your stairs as the elliptical machine and of course, gardening as your stamina test. Take advantage of what you already have.

And of course, because you don’t need to clean your house everyday, we suggest doing yoga at home, investing in a treadmill or a punching bag. You could also go for a run before or after going to work.

Finally, you can dedicate one or more days per week as “workout days” or family days, where you take the whole family to a beach or a park to play games and practice sports. That way you ‘ve got two in one, fun and gains.


We have already provided you with the best weight loss tips, so if you put them to work you won’t need anything else. But just to be sure, try to stop buying unhealthy snacks and chocolates from the supermarket. You should also have fruit at home so in case you get hungry, you are going to eat healthy.

Last but not least, try to set a goal with the whole family or your partner, that you all eat healthier and follow a diet, so as to not be distracted by the different meals around the house. A nice thing to do, is to set a day as “take out day” or “cheat day” so that you can indulge in your sweet or savory pleasures.

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